Trick or Suite

by Kim Jancewicz

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Due to our Trick or Suite volunteers hard work, creativity & preparations, Trick or Suite was a huge success!

Liz Smith took care of getting us a suite on the 1st floor. Nancy, Liz's friend, brought in her dirt bike and the kids had fun getting on and off it. It was nice to see the looks on the kids faces and the smiles they shot back from under their costumes.

All furniture was moved aside as enthusiast members set the scene for Camelot. A big "thank you" to Linda Krecker-Schkred and Barbara Dove for bringing in great stuff to decorate with and for clothes to wear. Two people poured me into one of Barbara's stretch velour gowns as I took off my medieval princess costume to lend to Lauri Travis.

Patty G. made great banners. Linda Sackerman was taking pictures.

Everyone pitched in and pulled resources together. We had one of the best decorated rooms at Embassy Suites!  Way to go Spokes-Women!

A big "thank you" to all Members and Associate Members who spent time and money getting a costume for our theme and for participating in the event! We had a good time while giving some special kids a nice Halloween night out. It's nice of Embassy Suites to organize this barrier-free environment for handicapped children to trick or treat in.

Spokes-Women MC was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation at the little buffet held afterwards. I'll bring the Certificate, and the one for 1999, to our November meeting.

Take care and be safe.


Note: Trick or Suite is an annual event hosted by Embassy Suites to allow handicapped children to have a safe and Happy Halloween.


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