How I  Missed the Randolph Parade


by Pat (buy-a-vowel) Gwozdz


Patty has a beautiful new purple Trike that the crowd went crazy over in the Freehold Parade.  She told Barbara that she'd be in the Randolph Parade but didn't make it.  

This story tells why Patty missed the Randolph Parade

Pat and her Trike

Let me tell you how I locked myself out.  On my back sliding glass door, I have a retractable security pole that prevents the door from opening.  The pole usually stays up, but recently it broke and does not stay up.  Sooooo, when I took the dogs out to the back yard, I closed the glass door behind me & that's when the pole fell down right into the track.  I could only open the door about four or five inches; enough space for the dogs to get back into the house, but not my fat ass!  


Soooo, after thinking for an alternative, I found a pole outside that I use to get the rain off my Gazebo roof.  I took a hook that I use for hanging plants, attached it to the pole and tried to lift the stuck pole with my new invention. Well, that pole got stuck on the other pole and I then had two poles stuck in the track of my sliding glass door.  I decided to call Arden after that to come home from work and open the door.  Which she did.  By the time I was rescued, about two hours had passed since I locked myself out. It was way past our meeting time.


Well, the broken pole is being replace this Saturday with a newer security measure & I will be making another set of keys, for any future dumb lockouts. I promise to make the next parade!


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