Nova Scotia Trip

by Jane Kern    

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I think many of you know Walt and I will be celebrating our 40th Wedding Anniversary on Sept 2nd of this year. Last Feb. we started to think of something very special for us to do together to celebrate the occasion. Just about that time “Rider” motorcycle magazine came in the mail. In it was an article written by Clement Salvadori about a “Northeastern Motorcycle Tour” of Nova Scotia. Walt and I got in touch with Sean Reid and signed up for the Aug.3rd-10th tour.

We left home on Aug 1st to start our ride to Bar Harbor, ME where we would meet up with the others to begin our tour. We should know by now that these rides never go smoothly for us. About an hour from home on route 287 (exit 35) traffic came to a halt when there was a very bad accident on route 287. Traffic was backed up for over 20 miles and with the stop and go traffic my battery died around exit 37. We tried the jumper cables, which did not work so we called for a tow. At first the dealer in East Hanover told me they could not fix my bike that day. Panic set in. They finally agreed to replace the battery and see it the bike would start which it did. After that we did not have any other problems with our bikes on this trip. The only problem now was we were five hours behind our schedule time to meet friends for dinner.

The next day we left the Boston area and rode to Bar Harbor, ME and arrived at the Bluenose Inn at about 4:00. This was a beautiful Inn with beautiful rooms with a wonderful view. Here we met up with Ival and Joel Storm. They are members of our Gold Wing NJ-F club. We had such a fun time with this couple the whole trip.

On Friday we arose at 5:00 to get to “The Cat” ferry for our ride to Nova Scotia. This day the ferry ride was not bad. We arrived in NS around 12:00 their time. Once there and we were already to leave, Walt, Sheldon (on a blue CSC trike) and I got lost. We finally found our way and met the others for lunch. We stopped in Shellburne where they filmed the “Scarlet Letter”. That night we stayed in Lunenburg at the Arbor Inn. I am soon finding out we are very tired at the end of day and fall right into bed and fast asleep.

Day 4 -  I am excited about, as this is the day we ride to Halifax and go to see the Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse. In the morning it was raining and very foggy. I hoped it would clear by the time we got to the lighthouse and it did. By now those of us on trikes are finding the roads very bumpy. There is not too much road repair in NS. The ride was very beautiful today. Once again I got Walt and me lost. I forgot we had to stay on route 239 so someone heard our conversation on the CB and came back to get us. I can not say enough good things about Peggy’s Cove LH she is just the most beautiful LH. Because we spent so much time at the lighthouse we were late getting into Halifax. This night we stayed at the Delta Halifax Hotel. The room was fit for a Queen and I felt like one too here.

Everyday we are up at 7:00 (or earlier if you like that), breakfast at 8:00 and be ready to ride at 9:00. The ride to Baddeck from Halifax was to be one of our longest ride days, 237 miles. On the way we stopped at the Sherbrooke Historic Village for lunch. After a long day we arrived at the Inverary Resort Inn in Baddeck. Once again our room was first rate and very nice. The dinners here were excellent. We stayed four nights here.

On day 6 of our trip we rode the Cabot Trail. This was the most fantastic day and ride of the trip. The weather could have not been more beautiful. The scenery was beautiful. Once again I have to remind you the roads are not the best and very bumpy. I got to see two Elk/Moose but never got to stop and take a picture. One ran into the woods before I could get my camera out and the other was lying down in the woods but there was not a good place for us to pull off the road and stop. Today was not a good day for some of our riders. One guy was looking at the scenery and ran his Valkyrie off the road into a ditch. He was not hurt and did not even drop it over. The guys just pushed it back onto the road. One other guy was on a 2001 Gold Wing and got a flat back tire on the trail. Nova Scotia is not a good place to get a flat tire. There are not that many dealers on NS and they do not keep a stock of parts. To get one into NS could take many days because it has to go through customs. Ron had to spend the rest of the trip in the chase van with his bike in the trailer. He was not able to get a tire until he got back to Bar Harbor, ME. When we got back to Baddeck we went to the Baddeck Lobster Suppers restaurant. I had the best lobster ever here and many that had the Salmon said it was also the best. The Salmon was smoked over open wood coals outside. It sure looked good.

We went to the Fortress of Louisbourg on our 7th day of the trip. This is a very old French Fortress. Those in red shirts or coats (British) were not too welcomed. Everyone was very humorous and acted as, if it was 1713. This was such an interesting place to visit. We had lunch at the poor mans café. They brought you very large cloth napkins that you tied around you neck and one spoon you had to use for everything. I had the vegetable soup and meat pie with vegetables. The food was very good. This was just a very fun day. Ival and I played dominos in the Pub.

Our last day in Baddeck was our free day to do what ever we wanted to do. Some rode the Cabot Trail again and some went shopping. Joel, Ival and I went on the Puffin Boat tour to see the Puffins. Another fun day! We did get to see some Puffins. I expected them to be about the size of a penguin but they are very tiny and look like little ducklings bobbing in the water. The most exciting part of this boat ride was seeing so many Eagles. I have seen Eagles on TV and in a Zoo but never like this. To see the Eagles was breath taking. Just wish I had had a better camera to take pictures. Today Walt spent the day cleaning his bike and going to town. Once I got back from the boat tour we went to the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. Walt and I found this very interesting and worth the time to stop. I never realized what an inventor Bell was in his day. He invented more than just the telephone. This night we went out to an old barn to hear Gaelic music and see Highland dancers. They were good.

The tour/vacation/trip is now slowly coming to an end. We now had to leave Baddeck and all the beautiful scenery and ride to Wolfville. On the way many took the time to ride some more very bumpy roads and see some more beautiful scenery. Walt and I took the direct route to Pictou for our lunch stop. Still it was a great ride today. This afternoon we rode to Wolfville to the Victorian Inn. This Inn was one of the most beautiful Victorian homes I have ever been in or stayed in. It was so beautiful. This night I had the best Scallops. You can not get Scallops like these in NJ, at least not as good as these. What a beautiful place to spend our last night in NS.

Our last ride from Wolfville to Yarmouth was nothing special. We did have lunch at a very interesting place. In Grosses Coques a man opened his own restaurant in his (four Greats) Grandfather’s house. It was all Acadia cooking and very good. He did all the cooking himself. When we left here we hit our first very cool weather and some fog. I pulled off the road and put my liner in my jacket and got out my winter gloves. Walt and I went to Yarmouth to do some shopping, as if I now needed to buy one more thing. We had dinner with the group and rode to Yarmouth to catch "The Cat" ferry back to Bar Harbor. I have been on many boats and never been seasick. Tonight was my first time. I took Dramamine but still did not feel very well. The tour guide, Sean, gave the Pressure Point bracelets to wear and that seemed to do the job. My friend, Ival, spent two hours in the dark of night out on the deck throwing up over the side of the boat. It was a very rough ride. If the bikes had not been tied down they would have fallen over for sure. We got to the Bluenose Inn at 11:45 Eastern time.

Our group all had breakfast together on our last day together before everyone went their separate ways to NJ, CT, VT and WI. We met so many nice people on this trip and made some very nice friendships. It was very hard to say goodbye. Walt and I started back south. We first stopped in Brewer, ME for me to meet Dottie, a gal I chat with on my Crazy Catter Chat room. That was fun. We got to our friends near Boston once again and went to dinner. Sunday AM we got up to a pouring down rain. It was one of those rains that you can not see two feet in front of you. We decided to stay an extra day and got a motel room for the night. On Monday we finally headed home. On our way I stopped in Waterbury, CT to visit another one of my Crazy Catter friends. We were suppose to stop there on our way north but because of the big delay we rode right on by and did not stop. We arrived back in Freehold around 6:00 and went to Jersey Freeze for a hot dog. After all that wonderful, rich, gourmet food a hot dog tasted wonderful.

This was a trip to remember. I hope I was able to express my excitement and happiness in this story. I do hope many of you will try to take a trip like this sometime. I am happy we went and I am happy I am home. Now I need to rest up and not go on anymore trips for a long while. 2564 miles total.


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