Jacob Javitz

by Lauri Travis


Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to pass around the word that the Jacob Javitz show was much BETTER than last year.  Ben & I went with Marlene and caught up Barb Z.  We did catch up with Tom J. but never did quite see Kim J.  There were more women with red jackets..... sweaters.... and even saw some guys with red vests!

Of course all the major Motorcycle companies appeared but there were plenty more vendors for other bike stuff also.  We got to see up close all the new models and got to sit on a few also.  One guy asked us if we had seen our "dream".... I think we saw several!  Bikes, of course.

It really wasn't that bad if you took the ferry over.  One piece of advice, if you do take the ferry from Weehawken - pay for parking BEFORE going over.  That was really the only line we had to experience (in the cold- yuk).

The Philly show should be just as good 

Catch you at the January Meeting!


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