Chocolate Motorcycles?


Janet Britland

CEO of Chocolate 

Chocolate, motorcycles, and the Spokes-Women have a long history together.  It dates back to the clubs inception.  We needed a way to raise money for charity that wouldn’t cost us more than we gave away.  The runs other clubs were doing, we found to be very costly and when all was said and done, there wasn’t much to give to a charity.

 My coworkers at the time had long been chocolateers.  My boss would always make her vacation and Christmas money by making and selling chocolates.  It wasn’t costly to do and made great money, so I proposed it at a meeting and it took off like wild fire.  The main objective was to give a charity all we could give from our efforts.

 Over the years we’ve given to many charities.  We would always investigate their ways of applying the cash we gave them so as not to be funding the administrative staff, but to benefit those who really needed it, or for research.  We’ve given to halfway homes for women and children, accident victims, cancer research, and the most ironic, diabetic foundations.  The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation had the most fun.  Think about it, raising money for a blood sugar disease by selling sugar.  Don’t worry, we also make sugar free chocolates.

 We happened to be a small club at the time we started so we would get all the supplies and have chocolate making sessions in each other’s kitchens to fill the orders.  That lasted a few years until membership, thankfully, became too large for us to fill all the orders ourselves.  At that time we turned to our supplier for answers.  The Chocolate Belles in Brick, NJ have been our chocolate connection for many years.  We have become a part of their family and they ours.  They agreed to make and supply us with all of our product line with the exception of one item, the clusters.

 We’ve had many years of happy, silly, serious times over the years making chocolate and we didn’t want to give that up.  Getting together means getting to know each other and our families on a different level.  It’s a platform to gripe about your sibling or catch up on the latest joy in a member’s family.  We’ve given our kids “Squirrel Duty”, ask someone who’s been at Anne Marie Newman’s house for a session.  Chocolate making has also given members the excuse to clean out the “science experiments” from the refrigerator because we needed the cooling space.

 Spokes-Women have a wonderful time making chocolates each year but the true value is the faces of those whom benefit from our endeavors.  Spokes-Women, please don’t hesitate to join a chocolate making session soon, you really don’t know what your missing.


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