GWRRA-NJ Spring Winger Warm Up

by Jane Kern

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As some of you know Walt and I also belong to the GWRRA-NJF club which meets on the last Sunday of the month in Freehold.


March 9th was our state Spring dinner, which was held at the VFW in Manville, NJ, the very same place we used to meet but in a different part of the building. Sometime before Jan. 21st our club was asked by the State Director to form a non-motorcycle drill team. We were to perform at this dinner. All of us that wanted to make a fool of ourselves started to practice faithfully every Monday night at the Eatontown, NJ recreation center. As the rehearsals continued I soon found out I was going to become the funny person of this drill team. This may not be a shock to the rest of you but it was to me when I realized I was the shortest person in the drill team. Was this why I was picked to be the odd person out in this drill team or was it my talent to be funny? I guess I will never know but I agreed to do everything they asked me to do.


The drill started with our Assít Director blowing the bugle in a call to arms. Well at least he tried to blow the bugle and made a loud sound. We all marched onto the floor dressed in our red shirts, black pants, gold sashes, and black hats and holding our horses on a stick (the kind children play with). We formed circles, a figure eight and finally a pinwheel. This is when everyone started to laugh because I was on the end of the pinwheel and had to keep running to catch up, as it was moving so fast. When the pinwheel stopped I was to run past the line and act like I forgot to stop. We now formed the letter F for F-Troop and the music from the old F-Troop TV show played as we marched off the floor. Now it was my job to go get my poop scooper and broom and run out onto the floor to sweep up the mess our horses left. It was funny when some of the people there kept telling me where a spot was left on the floor even though they could not really see it.


After the drill team performed the State Director challenged the other clubs in the state to come up with a drill team to challenge us at the Beach Party in June.


Each club in the state made up a basket to be raffled off. The theme this year was red, white and blue. F-Troop always has the best basket of all the baskets there. I wanted to win it so bad. It was a wheelbarrow full of items that were very patriotic. I did not win but I did win part of the 50/50 money, second prize, in the amount of $82.00. Boy, was I surprised. I kept looking at the number on my ticket instead of going up for the money.


Well, I just wanted you to know what I do with my free time when I am not riding Polar Bear, baby sitting our granddaughter, and going to Spokes-Women meetings. I run around with a stick horse like I was still a child. I have also posted some pictures that might help you to see better what I did.


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