Hot Dogs To Hoboken

by Laura Sisto


I will report to all of you "chickens" who didn't show up on Saturday for the Blue Knights 14's "Hot Dogs to Hoboken" run.

Scott had to work, so I left my house alone and rode down to the meeting place ...Mangia Pizza on Rt28. I got there around 9:30 and found no Red Vests.....but then there was an hour left to sign up so I figured someone would show up.   It was a beautiful day that started a little cool, but it was warming up nicely.

I signed up, paid my $5.00 and then had some coffee, bagel and a donut and waited by the bike for the other Spokes-Women to show up. The run was supposed to start at 10:30, but  they had such few people
they waited until 11:30 before starting up probably because so few people showed up. A Good thing too because there
were a lot of late comers.

The ride started around 11:30 and since it was an escorted ride, we didn't stop for lights, or traffic. Everything ran quite smoothly.

Ladies (and all you significant others), you missed a great ride. We went West on 28 up into North Branch 665 then through Lamington 523, past all those beautiful horse farms, up to Pottersville 512.  

It had warmed up so much I actually unzipped my jacket and took off my gloves. Then we continued down 512 through Peapack, Gladstone, Bernardsville...a few nice curves here and there. Continued on 512 towards New Providence then turned down toward the Watchung first time riding through there, nice.  We circled back through the Reservation to New Providence and then on to Route 78 east to go down toward Liberty State Park.  This is where I dropped off and made my way home on back roads.

The group was going to take a tour through Liberty State Park, and then head into Hoboken, where they were going to a particular local watering hole.  If someone had showed up that I knew.....I would have continued the ride and participated in the Hot Dog eating contest.  But.........since no one showed up on this beautiful day...I went home to go ride with Scott.


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